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Andrew Urich

  • High Energy Motivational Speaker on Building Effective Business Relationships
  • Speaks on Communication, Personal Branding, Influence, Ethics & Negotiation
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$5,000 - $7,500
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Dr. Andrew L. Urich knows how to communicate effectively and build quality relationships. His energy, real-world examples, and content captivates audiences to learn while they're being entertained. Since 1993, he has been speaking all over the world helping audiences to learn how to communicate more effectively and build lasting relationships. He also speaks to audiences

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Dr. Andrew L. Urich is an interesting and enthusiastic communicator who helps people get what they want. He is an associate professor of Business Law and has served in this capacity for over twenty years. Prior to becoming a professor, Dr. Urich received a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, completed postdoctoral studies at the London Institute of Comparative Law, and practiced law with a major corporate law firm in Ohio.    

Dr. Urich is a lecturer, researcher, and consultant in the areas of influence, negotiation, professional image, and consumer protection, and is a recipient of the Greiner Outstanding Teacher Award, the University Extension Faculty Excellence Award, the 1999 Regents Distinguished Teaching Award and the UCEA Excellence In Adult Education Award. While away from the office, Dr. Urich enjoys primitive travel to remote regions of the world.  His adventures have led him to almost 50 countries, and he has climbed mountains in South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa’s Kilimanjaro.

Dr. Urich is an effective and entertaining communicator with both practical and academic experience. He has worked with many regional and national business organizations and is currently a member of the EMBA faculty of Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates. Drawing upon his negotiation experience as an attorney, an appointment in Kyoto, Japan, and his work as a professor, Dr. Urich can help your organization achieve more success.

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Speaker Programs

INFLUENCE SKILLS (relationship and communications effectiveness):
Tailored To All Business Professionals
Getting Along and Getting Things Done
Tailored To Managers
Authority is Out, Influence is In!
Tailored To Sales And Marketing Professionals
Building Profitable Relationships
Tailored To All Business Professionals
Tune Up Your Negotiation And Persuasion Skills
Tailored To Sales Professionals
Sales Negotiation Program
Click Here for Negotiation Powerpoint Slides
PROFESSIONAL IMAGE (for business owners, sales people, advancing in your career, and those that want to boost their networking success)
Developing Your Professional Image: Become More Successful by Building a Personal Brand Image
Managing For an Ethical Workplace
Outsmart the Competition

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